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We are having enormous success here in the UK with over 700 trained instructors and we are now receiving lots of interest globally. We are keen to roll the concept out worldwide and therefore we are looking for strategically located instructors to play an important role in this expansion adventure. It is very important for an international instructor to roll out classes first and learn and develop the BBX concept within their area.

We can offer you an online training package. We will first hold an initial telephone or Skype call. We will discuss the Boogie Bounce programme, our license agreement and license fees, you can also ask any questions you may have. If you are happy and wish to proceed, then an online portal will be made available for your training, followed by a Skype session covering all aspects of training and the business side of BBX. We would also require a couple of minutes’ video footage of you ‘teaching’ to ensure the training has provided you with the skills to deliver the concept safely and effectively.

Following this, you will receive certification and can start teaching your classes with all the benefits that are provided to our instructors.

Our License Fees
£210 training, access to online learning and certification.
£40 per month (paid in GBP) per location.

One off Costs
We would recommend that you purchase one trampoline for use with the online training; we would prefer you to purchase a Boogie Bounce branded trampoline however it can be costly to ship a single unit abroad. Please feel free to ask us for a price, but alternatively we would authorize a one-off single purchase of an alternative brand unit. Our trampolines are priced at £98 + VAT (where applicable)
An average class number is 20, so you will need 21, assuming that you purchased a non branded trampoline for training the cost will be £2058 + VAT (where applicable), delivery will charged separately and at cost.

Benefits of being an Instructor

  • Protected postcode district – ensuring no other Boogie Bounce instructors set up there.

  • New music and routine every 8 weeks – completely new choreographed routine with video demonstration available each 8 weeks.

  • Access to back catalogue of routines and music.

  • Access to instructor portal – Full of helpful information, marketing and other useful resources.

  • Access to Facebook Instructor Forum – Great hub where our instructors share information, insights and helpful hints and tips. Great place to find new social media material and ideas for promotions and marketing.

  • If you wish to proceed then please contact and we can organise a suitable time to talk.

    Further Opportunities
    We have a desire to grow Boogie Bounce into a Worldwide Brand and in order to do this we need people with a passion for who we are, what we do and the bigger plans for expansion.

    Master Trainers and Country Managers
    Once you have spent time teaching and feel that you would be in a position to take the next step in becoming a master trainer or Country Manager, then please get in touch and register your interest. We can then provide you with information regarding the role and also the rewards.

    Contact - Sam Male

    Country Master License
    The growth in the UK has provided a solid example of how quickly the brand can grow when launched in a Country. This growth is created through a Marketing Strategy that creates brand awareness and word of mouth. Growth is created through social media, strategic advertising, PR and the activities of the instructors. With a relatively modest investment, Boogie Bounce offers a fantastic business opportunity with a high yield return.

    Contact - Andy Male

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