BBX Dublin Bouncer - Caitlin Faughnan - Shares her story & how BBX has helped with her illness.

21 July 2016

BBX Dublin Bouncer - Caitlin Faughnan - Shares her story & how BBX has helped with her illness.

Caitlin Faughnan (left) pictured with Boogie Bounce Instructor Emma Weafer

Here at Boogie Bounce we love hearing from our instructors and their client’s about the progress they’re making with their fitness goals. However, it is stories like the below which help to reconfirm our continued confidence in the true POWER OF THE BOUNCE!

BBX Dublin instructor, Emma Weafer, posted the following story on our instructor forum, stating - ‘To be able to help someone live a happier life is why I do this job, please meet one of my beautiful clients Caitlin Faughnan’

Here is what Caitlin had to say.

“Most before and after’s usually come with a photo and a weight loss story. Mine is a little different. Just before I turned 17, I was taken into the ICU. I was told I had ketoacidosis. A fancy word saying that my blood was turning to poison because I was an undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetic. It almost killed me. In addition to being diagnosed T1, I was told I had an under-active thyroid and coeliac disease. Not to dive too far into my little story, I was left feeling quite ill a lot of the time. Very run down, not a lot of motivation and a bleak outlook on what was to come for me.

Flash forward 3 years and I arrive at Emma’s Boogie Bounce class. I won’t lie, the first time my legs felt like tree trunks and just the thought of going again made me exhausted. I had used to be an athletic person, but after the diagnosis and readjusting my life, it got put aside. But I kept at it, and I noticed major improvements in myself. Not only do I feel stronger, but my circulation has improved by an unbelievable amount. Beforehand, my legs kept going numb, a scary thought with T1. But after a few classes, I had no numbness, and continue to have no numbness 6 months onwards. My insulin requirements have dropped all the way down, which is a big win and I finally feel like my body has energy again. A rare feeling with all 3 of my diseases. It has also pulled in the reigns of the associated anxiety disorder, courtesy of my T1.

I would recommend it to anyone. All in all, Boogie Bounce has done absolute wonders for me and has made me feel so much better, and happier. I do give a lot of that credit to Emma in particular. She is incredibly motivational and keeps you going even if you don’t want too. She is kind, fun and has really helped me. So thanks Emma”

So, a massive well done to Caitlin & Emma. We all sincerely hope that Boogie Bounce continues fulfill it’s purpose - bringing smiles and improving health!

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