Boogie Bounce: new instructors wanted!

18 August 2015

Boogie Bounce: new instructors wanted!

Boogie Bounce: new instructors wanted!

Fun-filled fitness programme Boogie Bounce wants more instructors to jump on board, so will be chatting to visitors at LIW 2015 (Leisure Industry Week) about the business opportunities it has to offer.

Taking place at Birmingham’s NEC from September 22-23, LIW 2015 will bring together thousands of like-minded UK leisure industry professionals to shape the future of the sector. With an audience of buyers, decision makers and influencers, the exhibition gives Boogie Bounce a chance to reach personal trainers, fitness instructors and gyms and show how they can get involved in a phenomenon that is sweeping across the country.

In a nutshell, Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme using a mini trampoline – fitted with

a T-bar handle for added stability – choreographed to energising, chart-topping music. However, it’s much more than an effective way to lose weight and inches and improve muscle tone.

The routines are low impact, so as well as offering a good work out for the heart and lungs, there is no jarring of the joints or impact on ligaments and soft tissue. A non-competitive group exercise programme, where the accent is on fun, Boogie Bounce offers a sustainable fitness regime for people of all ages, shapes and sizes, from beginners to dedicated fitness fans.

Boogie Bounce is the brainchild of Jenny Belcher, a personal trainer from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, who originally devised the concept back in 1996. Following a fall that resulted in a serious knee injury, Jenny decided to build Boogie Bounce into her own rehabilitation programme. Not only did she regain full fitness, but she has also put complex surgery to reconstruct her anterior cruciate ligament on hold – indefinitely!

In fact, Jenny has turned her one-time hobby into a thriving business. Today, there are more than 250 Boogie Bounce instructors throughout the UK and some 14,000 people are bouncing themselves fit every week. Demand for classes is growing to such an extent that Jenny is actively recruiting instructors.

Jenny says: “Lots of people want to get fit, but are not keen on ‘traditional’ aerobics sessions or gym workouts. Boogie Bounce appeals because it’s all about interacting with other people and having fun while exercising.

“I believe personal trainers can grow their businesses with Boogie Bounce, while gyms can boost their membership by incorporating it into their existing schedules. Many of our instructors are arranging extra classes to cope with demand, so we know there’s huge potential out there.”

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