Boogie Bounce Survey Results

24 August 2015

Boogie Bounce Survey Results

It’s been a great year for everyone involved here at Boogie Bounce. We have new instructors joining us every week. There are new people attending Boogie Bounce classes each day. We’re changing the fitness industry for the better, one bounce at a time.

During August 2015 we asked our fantastic Boogie Bounce class attendees to answer a few simple questions in our new annual survey. The results are incredible!

Here are some of the headline survey results:

Here at Boogie Bounce, we believe that our classes are great. Our instructors are infectious. Of those surveyed, over 43% of Boogie Bounce goers attend two or more classes each week.

Boogie Bounce has been designed to be fun, gentle on joints and an ideal way to exercise and feel great about yourself. The survey results supported our aims completely. Over 99% of people surveyed said they had fun at Boogie Bounce, whilst half of those surveyed noticed an improvement in the joints and ligaments. Three out of four people said they had lost weight since joining and nine out of 10 said Boogie Bounce reduced their stress levels.

With the sheer volume of different exercise classes that people can try, it’s great to know that 94% of those surveyed think Boogie Bounce is better than any other fitness class they’ve attended. Not only do people think Boogie Bounce is better, they believe it gives them a whole body work out, with nearly two thirds of those surveyed telling us that.

After these glowing survey results, it’s no surprise that 98% of class attendees would recommend Boogie Bounce to their friends and family.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an instructor or attending the next class in your local area, it’s great to know Boogie Bounce is the place to be.

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