Boogie Bounce takes off in Sutton Coldfield!

12 August 2015

Boogie Bounce takes off in Sutton Coldfield!

A fun-packed new fitness programme is set to make its mark in Sutton Coldfield, just as the weather begins to warm up and we start thinking about getting in shape for the summer holidays.

Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme using a mini trampoline – fitted with a T-bar handle as a stabiliser – choreographed to inspiring music. An effective way to lose weight and inches and improve muscle tone, Boogie Bounce is low impact so provides the basis of a suitable fitness regime for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Emily Male, 19, who lives in Falcon Lodge, Sutton Coldfield, has joined more than 200 qualified personal trainers and fitness instructors around the UK who teach Boogie Bounce.

Originally a gymnast, Emily went on to become a dancer, learning her skills with the community-based Body Beat School of Dance at Wyndley Leisure Centre in Clifton Road, where she is now a teacher. Emily has spent the past two years as a student at Birmingham Ormiston Academy and will be going to Coventry University in September to complete a degree in event management.

Physiotherapists, doctors and consultants have been using mini trampolines for years to help patients regain their mobility following lower limb injuries. David Beckham used one to rehabilitate his ankle.

Founder Jenny Belcher originally devised the Boogie Bounce concept back in 1996 and had been teaching the routines to a group of dedicated ladies in Tamworth. However, it really took off after she fell and sustained a serious knee injury. Deciding to forgo surgery to reconstruct her anterior cruciate

ligament, Jenny incorporated Boogie Bounce into her own fitness regime and bounced back to

health – literally.

The T-bar handle fitted to the mini trampoline allowed Jenny to use the mat as a resistance tool because she wasn’t afraid of falling. Over time, she built up the muscles in her legs to support her damaged knee, while also giving her heart and lungs a work out. Bouncing had a significant impact on her core stability, too.

Jenny says: “I’m back to full fitness, doing all the activities I used to enjoy once again. Bouncing saved my sanity and I set up my business to share the health benefits.

“Our routines are ideal for people who can’t cope with fitness programmes that have a high impact on joints, ligaments and soft tissue and, more than anything, they’re fun. I’m sure Emily will enjoy teaching Boogie Bounce routines and wish her every success.”

Emily will be cranking up the volume and helping people shed their inhibitions – and those extra pounds – with her new Boogie Bounce classes at Clifton Road Youth Centre. The one-hour classes take place at 6.00pm on Tuesdays and at 7.00pm on Thursdays.

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