Boogie Bounce Xtreme Coatbridge celebrate their second birthday!

5 April 2016

Boogie Bounce Xtreme Coatbridge celebrate their second birthday!

Congratulations to Boogie Bounce Xtreme Coatbridge, who have just turned two years old!

Instructor, Michelle Allan, took to social media to express her how happy she was with the past two year as a Boogie Bounce Instructor. She thanked Boogie Bounce founder Jenny Blecher, stating “Oh WOW!! my Boogie Bounce journey started here 2 years ago. This is also the day I met the amazing lady Jenny Blecher for the first time, the lady who I have it all to thank for. I remember this day so well”

Michelle was off to a flying start as soon as she had qualified as a boogie bounce instructor, and is clearly not showing any signs of slowing down. “From that day onwards I doing 12 classes a week and paying back my investment in 4 weeks, I know I made the right decision!! Also who would have thought I would be going into my third year as strong, delivering full classes, and still teaching and enjoying a class that I love so much with the best people” She said.

Michelle also let her class know that she would soon be purchasing new trampolines and stated that she “Cant wait to get them and bounce even harder.” It looks like Michelle’s classes are in for treat! Plenty of big frogs and long squats, we would guess!

Well done to Michelle and everyone at Boogie Bounce Xtreme Coatbridge for making this such a success.Happy birthday!

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