Bounce yourself fit this summer

10 June 2015

Bounce yourself fit this summer

As the weather warms up, our thoughts turn to holidays in the sun – and perhaps losing a bit of weight. More and more people are choosing a fun-filled, low impact form of exercise to get ‘beach ready’ this summer and are, literally, bouncing themselves fit.

Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme using a mini trampoline, choreographed to inspiring, chart-topping music. However, it is much more than an effective way to lose weight and inches and improve muscle tone. The routines are low impact, offering an excellent work out for the heart and lungs, and so provide the basis of a fitness regime for people of all ages, shapes and sizes – from beginners to dedicated fitness fans.

A T-bar stabiliser handle fitted to the mini trampoline allows the mat to be used as a resistance tool. This enhances the cardio vascular element of the routines while also giving people the confidence to execute different types of moves without the fear of falling.

Founder Jenny Belcher first established the concept in 1996, teaching the routines to a group of women in Tamworth, Staffordshire. However, the Boogie Bounce of today began to take shape in May 2014, when Jenny suffered a serious knee injury. She took control of her rehabilitation, deciding

not to undergo complex surgery to reconstruct her anterior cruciate ligament and has bounced back to full fitness – literally.

A qualified personal trainer, who also ran her own sports therapy clinic for 13 years, Jenny says: “Physiotherpaists having been uisng mini trampolines to help patients regain their mobility following lower limb injuries for years, but I have taken the concept to another level.

“Bouncing is ideal for people who cannot cope with fitness programmes that have a high impact on joints, ligaments and soft tissue, so it’s great if you have a bad back. I had a very serious knee injury but am back doing all the things I love, so I’m proof that Boogie Bounce really works.”

There are Boogie Bounce instructors throughout the UK, and such is the demand that many are looking to arrange additional classes. In fact, Boogie Bounce has taken off in such a way that Jenny is also actively recruiting more instructors.

Boogie Bounce instructors are qualified personal trainers or fitness instructors. Some are busy mums who make Boogie Bounce part of their work/life balance, while others work full time incorporating it into

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