Bouncing benefits autism in awareness week Bouncathon

6 April 2016

Bouncing benefits autism in awareness week Bouncathon

Boogie Bounce instructor, Amy Manaton features on the West Briton website for her ‘Bouncathon’, which raised money for Autism Awareness UK charity, during Autism Awareness Week earlier this month.

Amy said “My boys Harry and Alfie are autistic so this is very close to my heart.

“I want to help others understand, accept and appreciate autistic people and to give back to the organisations that help those with autism and their families.”

It is great to see Boogie Bounce being used as such an effective tool for people to positively impact their communities and causes close to their hearts. We are all very proud of Amy, and of all our instructors that participate in fundraising activities for fantastic causes, such as this!

Well done Amy.

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