Fitness craze Boogie Bounce comes to Nottinghamshire

20 February 2016

Fitness craze Boogie Bounce comes to Nottinghamshire

​Boogie Bounce and instructor Amy Matthews, feature online on the Nottingham Post website.

“It’s really low impact. I’ve had ladies who have had bad knees and ankles who have had no problem with it whatsoever and they’re finding it helps them.” Said Amy, acknowledging the versatility of a Boogie Bounce class and the wide range of client’s the class caters for. “The Cartergate studio holds six classes each week and 120 people, ranging from aged five to in their 60s, take part.”

Since beginning Boogie Bounce classes Amy’s numbers have gone through the roof “I just wanted to put on one class a week but there was so much demand. I’m looking at expanding and take it further out into Nottinghamshire.”

One of Amy’s Bouncers had this to say ““It’s the whole package – it’s lively and you’re constantly got a smile on your face because it’s a very entertaining form of exercise.”

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