Instructor Survey Results Are In!

9 May 2016

Instructor Survey Results Are In!

The results from our recent instructor survey are in! Our aim was to really try and understand why our instructors decided to become Boogie Bounce instructors, and now that they are, how they feel about that decision!

So, what were the main things that persuaded them to become Boogie Bounce instructors?

New classes to add to their repertoire - For many of our instructors who were already in the fitness industry, one of the most significant reasons they became a BBX instructor was that they wanted to stand out from others who were teaching fitness classes in their area. They would now be able to offer a unique class, that would bring new interest from members of the public who were potentially bored with the standard exercise classes on offer elsewhere. It had exactly what I was looking for- fantastic benefits & the fun factor! My passion was always to bring fun and health to clients as I knew how much the gym and other classes didn’t appeal to the masses….but Boogie Bounce does!” – Emma, Dublin.

Low impact on joints - Due to the nature of rebounding, there is very limited impact sustained by the joints, and issue with which many people suffer with while participating in traditional exercise classes. Studies, including research by NASA, help support our instructors and their client’s claims that Boogie Bounce offers “High cardio, low impact, less recovery time & the fact it’s wicked fun, and improves pelvic”Amy, Kent.

Widen client base - Many instructors have found that due to the adaptability and inclusiveness of BBX, they were able to gain new clients from a wider demographic than ever before. These included older participants, or those with prior injuries. Many of these participants found that can bounce because of the low impact of the action on their joints. With our protected zoning policy, they also had the reassurance that their specific area, and therefore their client base and financial interested would be protected.

Our Rent to Own Scheme - This makes it extremely easy to become involved as a BBX instructor with minimal upfront costs. It allows instructors start paying back your investment once you have started your classes – If you want any further information on how this process works, take a look here.

Now that these instructors have made the leap, what do they think are the best aspects of becoming an instructor?

The strong relationships instructors forge with their clients - Because we encourage our instructors to adapt their classes to include options and variations for as many levels of ability within each class as possible, they are able to generate a fun, caring, enthusiastic environment, where everyone is encouraged to participate and get a super-effective workout, while above all else enjoying exercise! They get to see people reach their goals, become more confident and happier in general -“Seeing how much your class benefit from the workout. They are genuinely excited and pumped at the END of the class. They feel they have achieved something and they can’t believe how much they have sweated!”Danielle, Rochdale.

Sense of community amongst instructors - Again our zoning policy has been put in place specifically to foster cooperation and ensure that no one is ‘treading on the toes’ of other instructors. As well as this our instructor forum allows everyone to interact and swap advise as well as continually providing encouragement! “The support of other instructors- so much positivity in the forum! I love that what I offer is so unique and BBX has definitely been why my studio has been such a success (I’m now opening a second one!!)”Hannah, London.

Independence and flexibility - Boogie Bounce instructors expressed the benefits of being able to work around prior commitments, and have a great earning potential. “I am doing something different from everyone else, I can keep fit whilst doing something fun and making money!” Jenna, Fife.

When those who completed the survey were asked whether they would recommend becoming a BBX instructor to their friends or family, the overwhelming majority stressed that they would strongly recommend that their loved ones become BBX instructors! They listed reasons such as Job satisfaction, “Sense of euphoria while teaching” and being able to participate in such an active and motivational community!

The survey revealed some great information and we feel extremely proud in which the way Boogie Bounce is progressing! We have also taken note of our instructors comments and begun to implement processes to allow us to continually improve.

If our wonderful instructors comments have inspired you, and you would like more information on becoming a Boogie Bounce instructor, then please contact our head office, or click here to visit our instructors website to find out more!

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