Lucy Mather - Boogie Bounce Instructor Trainer, Tells Her Story & Shares the Importance Being Healthier, Not Just Thinner!

20 July 2016

Lucy Mather - Boogie Bounce Instructor Trainer, Tells Her Story & Shares the Importance Being Healthier, Not Just Thinner!

Anyone that has either: met Lucy in person, witnessed herpresence on social media, or even had the privilege of attending one of her classes, will attest to the fact that she is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and motivating instructors you could ever hope to meet!

Lucy started instructing Boogie Bounce in 2015, and recently shared her personal story!

Lucy started with a personal goal of losing weight and getting fit; which through hard work and dedication, developed into a successful business which is going from strength to strength!

Here is what Lucy had to say!

Well… One year ago before I started my Boogie Bounce business I had a personal goal. I wanted to get fit, tone up & learn to love my body! Since starting myclasses my body, and more importantly, my mindset has completely changed. Today I want to share my story with you…

So let’s rewind a few years… It was Jan 2013 and a realisation hit me. In 9 months time I was going to turn 30. I stood there looking in the mirror at my bloated 11st 7lb body and something finally twigged in my brain. I didn’t love my body and something needed to change. I suddenly got the urge to do something positive for myself. I was thinking, if I don’t start to feel good soon then I never will.

Comfort eating and junk food had taken over my life since my teens and I had convinced myself I wasn’t the sporty type, and that I had a slow metabolism meaning I would always be a bit overweight…

I decided to join Slimming World. Changing my eating habits (thanks to Slimming World) completely changed me as a person… I was now craving salads and homemade food, instead of crisps and takeaways. I got down to 9stone 7lb before I turned 30 (YAY). It was a whole new me! But then slowly the weight crept back up!

In Jan 2014 I was on a mission to loose weight once again and 7 months later I reached by goal weight of 9 stone (2 stone 7lb lost in total YAY). I swore I would keep the weight off… for some reason I knew this time it would be different.. and it was!

Although I had lost weight, I was not fit or toned. I used to go for a lot of walks, but anything more strenuous would leave me seriously out of breath. I felt happy and proud of what I had achieved, but still felt self conscious in myself and this was holding me back from liking what what I saw in the mirror.

I began to question things about foods we eat. I researched a lot about exercise and the positive effects it has on the body and mind. I thought back to when I had attended Boogie Bounce classes in the past and that it was the only fitness class I had ever stuck with - I wondered how I could become an instructor! The more I thought about the idea, the more excited I got - what an amazing way of life to have fun while helping people get fit and healthy (while being able to reap the same benefits along the way).

That was it. I decided to change my career. Beginning Jan 2015 I studied hard to become an Aerobics, Body Conditioning & Step Instructor and then traveled to the UK to train as a Boogie Bounce Instructor. It was a whirlwind of fun and within 7 months I was teaching my first classes!

I was so nervous starting out but I knew it was the right path for me. Once I started teaching I quickly became fitter which gave me a huge boost in confidence. I also saw clients moving closer to their goals. This gave me the push I needed to chase my personal dream. I suddenly realised it was possible, that I too could feel good so I started my journey learn to love my body!

As my confidence grew - my positive thoughts about myself increased. I started to love my body and was shocked at what I was actually capable of. Suddenly I didn’t care what weight I was anymore, I realised loving myself and feeling good was way more important and that the scales doesn’t show fitness results!

A year later…I feel HAPPY & FIT… My arms, legs and back are now toned plus my waist and tummy have completely changed shape. I’ve lost inches but no weight, it’s amazing!

Most importantly though, my mindset has changed for life. FEELING FIT and in control of your life is such a powerful feeling.

I still can’t believe that my job is to have fun bouncing on a trampoline while helping others (and myself) achieve personal goals! I feel so blessed!

On top of running my own classes I was also approached by Boogie Bounce CEO Jenny Belcher and offered the position of ‘Boogie Bounce Instructor Trainer / Manager’ in Ireland. I am super proud and honoured to now be helping my wonderful Momma Frog Jenny spread the Boogie Bounce love all over Ireland!

I have been so honoured to meet the bunch of amazing women who bounce with me every week. I couldn’t be prouder of every single one of you… If you don’talready… PLEASE learn to LOVE YOUR BODY, SET GOALS, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and GO FOR IT… LETS GIVE OURSELVES THE BEST CHANCE AT A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE!

Breath & Believe… Lucy X


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