Laura reviews the Elite Trampoline

Laura’s Review: perfect for anybody! [Video]

We love this video review from Laura, it’s so honest and open, and what’s even better is we never asked for it 🙂

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Boogie Bounce Elite trampoline, take a look at this video as any questions you may have will almost certainly be covered.

Thank you Laura! 🙂

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Laura and I recently purchased a Boogie Bounce Mini Fitness Trampoline

The reason I decided to buy this is that I’m a mum of a three-year-old. I’m due to get married this year and I find it incredibly difficult to find the time to exercise, especially as both my partner and myself both do shift work. 

So I’ve been scrolling on the internet and I came across this advert for Boogie Bounce and I thought, that looks fun. I thought it would be really useful for not just me, but the whole household. 

So I went online, I purchased it and it arrived quite quickly. And I have literally not stopped getting off of it since I bought it. 

It’s lightweight, it’s easy to fold, you can store it away if you haven’t got much space. I keep it in the corner of my kitchen and my daughter, when she gets back from nursery, comes home and she jumps straight on the trampoline she has a lovely little bounce on it and she absolutely loves it.

I think it’s perfect for anybody, especially during a pandemic. I wish I would have come across it beforehand because I would have absolutely loved to have spent my days at home using this. But that’s fine because I found it now and I’m going to use it to get to my goal weight to be able to fit back into my wedding dress from a wedding that was postponed in 2020. 

So, yeah, I hope you enjoy this video. And I would highly, highly recommend the Boogie Bounce Elite Rebounder.

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