How the Boogie Bounce Concept helped Donna with her diabetes

How the Boogie Bounce Concept helped Donna with her diabetes

It truly warms our heart when we hear how the Boogie Bounce Concept and our Elite Mini Fitness Trampoline has changed a life. Donna recently got in contact to let us know how rebounding helped her fight back against diabetes and lose weight in the process and we are overjoyed at her story.

Meet Donna, who is looking amazing next to her Elite Mini fitness Trampoline!

Donna combined our beginners’ level routine with some other simple lifestyle changes and saw incredible results in a matter of weeks!

Our beginners’ levels offer shorter sessions designed for those who might feel intimidated by a full 30-minute workout, do not have the time, or require a gentler pace. With workouts lasting 10, 15, and 20 minutes, starting off gentle with simple and easy cardio to follow. You can combine these routines’ to match your pace, fitness, or lifestyle.

That’s exactly what Donna has been doing and here is her story! 

“Hi, I’m Donna. I’m 62 years old and was recently advised that I am pre-diabetic. I decided at that point to take preventative measures to avoid becoming fully diabetic. My first action was to order a Boogie Bounce Elite Mini Fitness Trampoline to use at home. I received this promptly on 31 December 2021 ready for the new year.

I was delighted to finally find a collapsible and foldable rebounder that could quickly and easily be assembled/dismantled and stored away.

From 1st January on a daily basis, I commenced with two 10-minute Boogie Bounce routines to ease me into exercising. I combined these routines with a simple daily 30-minute walk and slightly tweaked my eating habits. I never do crash diets, just introduced a little more healthy eating and cut down on the chocolate! Nothing too difficult and something that was easy and realistic to accomplish.

Within 12 days I lost 3.5kgs (more than half a stone!) I was absolutely thrilled with this weight loss and my energy levels are increasing. I’m feeling so much better in myself and the key motivator for me is the Boogie Bounce workout.

The choreographed routines are brilliant, providing a fun exercise with lots of encouragement from Jenny and Emily.

I would highly recommend giving it a whirl, you won’t be disappointed. Onwards and upwards!!”

We’re super proud of Donna and so pleased that Boogie Bounce has been able to help her fight back against diabetes and improve her health in so many other ways.

You can order your Boogie Bounce Elite Mini Fitness trampoline online now with free delivery and 1-month free access to our app where all routines including the beginner’s program can be found. 

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