Elite Mini Trampoline Shortlisted in Health & Wellbeing Awards 2022

Health and Wellbeing Awards 2022 Finalists Banner

Boogie Bounce has been shortlisted for a Health and Wellbeing Award 2022. The awards celebrate the best in health, fitness, self-care, wellness and more. 

The Boogie Bounce Elite Mini Trampoline has been shortlisted in the Home Fitness Equipment category and will now face the final judging panel.

Thank you to everyone in the Boogie Bounce community, our amazing instructors and the team we call our family at Boogie Bounce HQ. This award nomination is a reflection of the life-changing choice you’ve all made for your health and wellbeing when you decided to jump on a Boogie Bounce Mini Trampoline.

Other categories at the 2022 Awards include Best Healthy Retailer, Best Self-care App, Best Health Spa/Retreat, Best Wellness Podcast, Favourite Wellness Celebrity and Favourite Wellness Influencer. All of these awards are subject to the public vote, so be sure to support your favourites on the Health and Wellbeing Award website. We’ll be casting our votes ASAP!

Keep your eyes peeled for the November issue of Health & wellbeing magazine, where the winners will be announced.

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish good luck to all the finalists for the Health and Wellbeing Award 2022. No matter who wins we can all be proud of the life-changing differences we make through fitness, health and wellbeing. 

The Birth of Elite RebouNDing

The Boogie Bounce Concept was actually born some 30 years ago. Founder Jenny had suffered a terrible tumble off a pony as a 13-year-old and did some irreversible damage to her knee. Fast forward several years and a serious tumble down a mountainside left Jenny in need of serious surgery (we’ll spare the gory details).

Collage of Booogie Bounce ELite users including Peter Andre, Bryony Page and Kate Garraway

A self-confessed fitness fanatic, Jenny was left unable to enjoy exercise any more. She needed a low-impact solution that would look after her knees whilst letting her get the varied workouts she craved.

Fast forward to the present day and the Boogie Bounce Mini Trampoline is her baby. Not only does the Elite allow people easy access to low-impact workout routines through a variety of workout programs including HIIT, Step Aerobics and Strength and Tone, but it is lightweight, foldable and easy to store.

Endorsed by fitness fanatics like Peter Andre and Olympic Trampoline Gymnast Bryony Page, the Boogie Bounce Concept and Mini Trampoline continues to change lives. It has helped people with diabetes, mental health issues, pelvic floor strengthening and much more. In fact, we listed over 30 benefits of rebounding without having to think too hard about it.

Rebounding with the Elite makes exercise fun and super accessible to everyone, no matter of age, ability or health.

It’s a complete gym in a bag for every home!

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