Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding is incredible. Fitness gurus say so, science says so and we have hundreds of happy Boogie Bouncers who also think so.

Part of the reason we love it so much is the huge range of benefits it can offer. There really is a motive for everyone to give rebounding a chance to change their life.

That is why we’ve compiled this huge list covering as many of the benefits of rebounding as we can think of. They range from the health benefits of rebounding to how it can help manage illness, improve your fitness in certain areas and even its endorsements from Olympians!

Ready to find out why rebounding is good for you personally?

bouncing high on Elite trampoline

General Benefits of Rebounding


  1. You get the accountability for an amazing Community!
  2. It’s super convenient making your workouts more likely
  3. Find us a more fun exercise! Please.
  4. Diverse? Your rebounder is basically a gym in a bag!
  5. Exercising can be scary but with a mini-trampoline with handles it’s super safe
  6. From Kate Garraway to Peter Andre, rebounding (and the Boogie Bounce Elite) are celebrity-approved!
  7. Looking to get the family involved? A mini-trampoline can benefit everyone in your home. Check out the Bateman family Boogie Bounce Elite Review!
  8. Our favour benefit of rebounding? It’s Olympian approved! Check out Olympic Trampoline Gymnast Bryony Page on the Elite.
  9. Rebounding is good for you and others as Boogie Bounce supports good causes like our Bounce for Cancer Research UK!

Boogie Bounce Work Out Step Aerobics Gym in a bag example


Health Benefits of rebounding


  1. Losing weight is super effective with a rebounder.
  2. Rebounding is a low impact, super safe exercise (especially with a handle)
  3. Rebounding helped Donna with her Diabetes and it could help you too!
  4. Combat weak bones and osteoporosis
  5. Mental health is so important and Boogie can help you look after it. Check out Sasha’s rebounding story
  6. Bounce back from joint pain caused by Osteoarthritis/ arthritis!
  7. In need of some cardio? Your cardiovascular system will thank you later
  8. Time to stimulate the lymphatic flow?
  9. Weak pelvic floor? Train it with a trampoline!
  10. Rebound away the back pain!
  11. Reduce and prevent discomfort associated with lipedema/ lipoedema!
  12. From pregnancy through to childbirth, there are benefits to rebounding!
  13. Strengthen your immune system with trampoline exercises!
  14. Switch off, de-stress & combat burnout with mindfulness exercises
  15. No matter your age, rebounding can benefit your lifelong health. Seniors, start bouncing!
  16. Need to relax? There’s a rebounder benefit for that too
  17. Look after your heart and keep it beating to the bounce!

Exercise Specific Benefits of Rebounding


  1. Say namaste to Yoga at home on your mini-trampoline
  2. Target your posture, and core strength and build muscle with pilates
  3. Strength, tone and power to the people!
  4. Stay flexible and free
  5. Whether it’s marathon prep or just a jog around the block, Boogie can help you prepare!
  6. What wobbling? Get ready for better balance
  7. Whether it’s winter or summer sports, a rebounder can help you train for them all!


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Benefits of a Mini Trampoline Explained

Accountability + Community


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