How was rebounding a godsend for Sasha Roberts, both physically and mentally?


How was rebounding a godsend for Sasha Roberts, both physically and mentally?

We love to hear all about how rebounding and mini exercise trampolines have changed people’s lives and this is the perfect example. Thank you so much to Sasha Roberts for sharing your journey with us.

In the review Sasha talks about:

  • How rebounding has changed both her physical and mental health
  • How fun and affordable the classes are
  • The impact its had on her life
  • Why she can’t get enough of bouncing!

Watch her full review below now. 

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If you’re thinking about getting a Boogie Bounce trampoline I would 100% recommend it.

I’ve had mine since lockdown last year and it’s been a godsend, both physically and mentally. I’ve lost about a stone and a half. My mental health has improved, my physical health has improved. It’s the only at-home exercise I’ve ever enjoyed really.

It doesn’t feel like hard work at all. It’s so tiring but it’s so enjoyable as well. Instructors are so full of beans with every routine. It’s always something new, it’s never boring.

Everyone’s noticed the results I’ve got from it. I couldn’t recommend it enough. At first the trampoline, I thought “I’m going to come off that, there’s no way I’ll be able to do the jumps like they’re doing the routines”. Soon as I got on it, I felt completely safe.

The trampoline itself is so sturdy. That app is so easy to use. I stream it on my phone as you can see from the background.

So easy, so quick, so cheap as well. I think it’s like £1.99 and 99p per extra programme.

So all in all 100% recommend it. I’ve lost so much weight from doing this. My cardio has improved so much. It’s really good for your mental health and your physical health, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.


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