Boogie Bounce on Garraway’s Good Stuff

Hello everyone, Jen here! I wanted to tell you all about an amazing experience that happened recently….I demonstrated the Boogie Bounce Elite on Garraway’s Good Stuff… yes with Kate Garraway and Peter Andre! 

Kate Garraway and Peter Andre on a Boogie Bounce trampoline

I’m still buzzing from the day and I wanted to share some exclusive behind the scenes footage with you. If you missed it you can watch it on the ITV hub here. 

Kate Garraway and Peter Andre on trampoline. Kate Garraway on trampoline

The day arrived and the team and I arrived at the television studio and were shown to the green room. If you have never been in a TV green room before then this is like a waiting room but with a few freebies and steak sandwiches (yum!). 

We got to watch some of the filming before our slot and it was such an exciting experience! 

Then the moment arrived… our slot. Our time to showcase our product on national television…eek! 

My nerves kicked in big time as I walked across the set. It looked totally different to what you see on the telly. 

Here is a YouTube video with highlights from the day. 

I walked onto the set where Kate Garraway and Peter Andre were waiting.

It was so strange seeing our Boogie Bounce Elite on a TV set next to two celebrities! It felt like we had hit a huge milestone. 

Boogie Bounce Rebounding. Jenny CEO

We are so passionate about the Boogie Bounce concept and how it can change people’s lives. At that moment I had a thousand thoughts running through my head. The loudest thought was about the millions of people watching and suddenly I was worried about going viral for falling over or something! 

But when it came to it everything felt very natural. After all, I was doing a demonstration of my product and the Boogie Bounce concept. The two things that get me up every morning. 


Boogie Bounce on TV

Meeting Kate Garraway and Peter Andre was incredible. They were so down to earth and very keen to get on the Boogie Bounce Elite and try it for themselves. Kate gave me some tips before we went live and that helped me feel more relaxed. 

We talked about the benefits of Boogie Bounce and rebounding. Click here to find out more about how rebounding can change your life. 

Peter Andre forgot to put his belt on but thankfully his trousers didn’t end up around his ankles. Though that could be a lesson to us – always wear a belt or elasticated trousers when on the Boogie Bounce! 

Thank you to everyone who made our Garraway’s Good Stuff appearance possible. 

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