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How one naughty pony and two rocks changed lives

Boogie Bounce isn’t a new concept. It was born back in 1996, meaning it’s getting ready to celebrate its 30th birthday soon. As the number of Boogie Bouncers continues to grow we thought it was time to share the full story behind how it came to be.

Jenny Belcher was a carefree 13-year old until she took a tumble from a pony and did some irreversible damage to her knee. Fast forward several years and a serious tumble down a mountainside left Jenny in need of serious surgery (we’ll spare the gory details). With her foot trapped between two rocks, the outlook wasn’t looking good.

The ordeal took over a year in recovery and rehabilitation and even then Jenny, a self-confessed fitness fanatic, couldn’t enjoy exercises she previously loved without seriously risking further damage to her knee.

This is where the Boogie Bounce Concept was born!
Already an avid rebounder, Jenny knew the benefits of these routines and that with some tweaks to the choreography, they would be perfect low-impact workouts for those in rehabilitation.

With the help of hubby Andy, Jenny was able to develop a better rebounder! A mini trampoline with a study handlebar for support and a better-weighted spring to maximise that low-impact whilst keeping a bounce. The Elite you see today is foldable, virtually silent and super lightweight.

She had snapped her anterior cruciate ligament (the main stabilising ligament inside the knee), torn the cartilage and damaged the collateral ligament and all the surrounding soft tissue. OUCH!

As time passed Jenny continued to develop new routines that were adaptable for those in rehabilitation or who had weaker joints. The concept spread like wildfire and now women and men of all ages and fitness abilities use the Boogie Bounce Concept as their fun, affordable, convenient way to live their best lives!

From weight loss to help with stress and burnout, strengthening pelvic floor muscles to safe workouts for seniors, Boogie Bounce is helping everyone, and Jenny has a misbehaving pony and two rocks to thank.

How will the Boogie Bounce Concept change your life?

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