The Elite
Mini Fitness

Extremely efficient, calorie burning, low-impact fitness that is now more fun, more convenient, and more effective than ever before. Our Elite trampoline and handle is light, foldable, requires no tools and provides a silent bounce, all while making no compromises on quality or your fitness goals!

Easy to use
Fitness App

  • On demand mobile app with 100+ routines to choose from.
  • New dance inspired choreographed routines released every month.
  • Multiple programmes available such as Boogie Bands and Strength & Tone.
  • Build strength and tone up with a smile on your face.
  • Cast to a Smart TV and bring the Boogie Bounce atmosphere home.

Only £1.99 per month

Foldable & easy to store

Unique, patent pending folding mechanism is easy and safe for one person to operate. In contrast many folding trampolines on the market which require two people and a lot of force.

Portable complete Gym in a bag

Boogie Bounce is more than just dance inspired fitness routines. Access Strength and Tone, Boogie Bands and more via the mobile fitness app. The Elite is lightweight and portable if you’re on the move, and comes with its own carry bag.

A Silent Bounce

The Elite mini trampoline has high quality tested bungees for a quiet bounce, so there is no need to worry about the neighbours or a family member on a work call. An intuitive carabiner system means if a bungee breaks, then it is easy to replace.

Low impact Serious calorie burn

You don’t need to sacrifice a serious calorie burning workout to look after your joints! The Boogie Bounce tested bungees use gravity to your advantage and maximize your health gains while minimizing stressful impacts to your joints.

Boogie Bounce Benefits

Bouncing on a Boogie Bounce mini trampoline is an extremely efficient, calorie burning, low impact method of exercising. Because you will utilise gravity and rebounding in your workout, you now need less time to achieve significantly superior results to exercises such as running.

Boogie Bounce has many other benefits other than cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. It is perfect for building strength and balance, looking after joints and improving pelvic floor strength – and that’s just for starters!



Boogie Bounce is the sensational, high energy, dance inspired exercise programme, to get fit and lose weight on a high quality trampoline and T-bar handle.

We believe that people are much more likely to stick to an exercise programme if it is fun, engaging, and doesn’t feel like exercise. We instil this attitude within our wonderful instructors worldwide.

If fitness classes aren’t for you, then join our motivational instructors from your home and work out using our foldable trampoline and Boogie Bounce App.