The Bateman Family Review Elite Boogie Bounce Rebounder


The Bateman Family Review Elite Boogie Bounce Rebounder

Meet the Bateman Family. They were kind enough to provide this “100/10” review of their Boogie Bounce Elite Mini Exercise Trampoline. You can tell they love it because little Willow doesn’t stop bouncing the entire time!

The Batemans prove the Boogie Bounce Elite really is fun for all the family and the perfect rebounder for kids and adults.

The Perfect Rebounder for Kids, as reviewed by them

Read the full video transcript here: 

Hi, we are the Bateman Family and I got this Boogie Bounce Rebounder for my birthday. I picked this one because it folds nicely away into this beautiful bag. Our family really enjoys using it and it makes us all interact together.

Our ages range all the way from 5 to 42. As you can see, she’s kindly showing that she never stops. It causes a lot of arguments because we all enjoy bouncing up and down like Willow is.

We really enjoy the app and it shows the various techniques on how to do things and different things depending on time.

Thank you for listening to my speech about our Boogie Bounce. I would rate it 100/10. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s on spot. Thank you!


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