Gold Medal Olympic Trampolinist Bryony Page talks about her Boogie Bounce Experience

Bryony Page is a British individual trampoline gymnast. She is the 2021 world champion women’s individual trampolinist, and part of the British team that won team gold at the 2013 world championships.

She was the first British trampolinist to win an Olympic medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, picking up the silver medal. Five years later, at the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics she won a bronze medal. This meant that she became the first British female gymnast in any gymnastic discipline to win medals across two or more Games.

We are extremely proud to have Bryony as a Boogie Bounce Brand Ambassador. Here is how it came about!

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Gold medal olympic trampolinist Bryony Page

In Bryony’s Words

There is something enticing about jumping up and down on a trampoline. Bouncing around on a mini trampoline is almost nostalgic. I may be biased being part of the trampolining world for most of my life, but the majority of people I know would jump at the chance (excuse the pun) to have a go on a trampoline if an opportunity arose (whether it be a mini rebounder, a garden tramp, a bungee rigged-tramp at the beach or funfair, or an Olympic-standard 4×4 Ultimate trampoline). Why?

Because jumping on a trampoline is FUN and gives you a sense of freedom. Momentarily, adults feel like a child again, wide smiles appear and often even laughter ensues.

Their inner child shines and beams at the delight of simply just bouncing around and experiencing the feeling of weightlessness and freefall to then be launched into the air over and over again.

After Rio, I realised more people were talking about trampolining: “I never knew trampolining was an Olympic Sport?” “You guys bounce so high!” “My kids have started trampolining and they love it!” “My friends and I went to a trampoline park the other week and it was crazy fun”…

Collage of images of Bryony Page at the olympic, collecting medal and completing routine

I became more interested in what was out there that trampolining had to offer. That’s when I discovered Boogie Bounce. A fitness class on mini trampolines!

A whole 50 minutes dedicated to having fun bouncing on a trampoline whilst improving your health and fitness. PERFECT!

I’ve wanted to try out a session for ages, but I’ve had to wait until my ankle was strong enough to go at it without it impacting my training – and finally, that time arrived yesterday evening!

So what does a Boogie Bounce fitness session consist of?

In short:

  • a 50 minute choreographed exercise program filled with “Boogie-ing and ‘Bouncing’ and Frog Jumping’ to fast-paced music
  • A calorie burning bounce-along that goes through HIIT (high-intensity interval training), a conditioning set and stretching
  • A Boogie Bounce fitness class has a low impact on joints/ligaments (very little, if any, stress on my rehabbing ankle) and works on stabilising muscles of the whole body without straining them or putting you under too much stress
  • In fact, Boogie Bounce also promotes its workouts as a Stress Buster! After having completed a session, I can completely agree with this.

My Boogie Bounce Experience

I expressed my interest to Boogie Bounce to try out a session and fully understand what Boogie Bounce was really all about – and was invited to attend a session with the inspirational and lively Jenny Belcher.

The CEO of Boogie Bounce was going to be my bouncing buddy! It was amazing to meet her and hear why and how she started her company and grew it to become a nationwide (and international) success. She spoke with passion as she told me about Boogie Bounce’s Guinness World Record.

Olympic gold medalist Bryony Page on a Boogie Bounce Trampoline

She spoke with pride as she shared with me success stories of Boogie Bouncers that have lost weight, felt healthier and more active, and of BB instructors gaining confidence in their own abilities and body images.

Her enthusiasm for trampolining as an exercise and injury rehabilitation tool shone through and I was super excited for our fitness class!

A FUN Cardio workout

We walked into the class and I was introduced to Emily, the instructor. What an instructor to have for my first BB experience; with a sparkling personality, she encouraged all of us bouncers energetically throughout the whole session.

It was fun, there was music, disco lights and dance/bounce skills on mini trampolines with safety handles for extra support (which I unexpectedly found gave an extra element of fun too). It was clear that people attended the classes for the experience, not just the workout.

In fact, I was concentrating so much on doing the right moves at the right time to the music that only when I stopped to think about it could I feel how hard my heart and lungs were working. Sometimes for me, the best sort of cardio workout is when you don’t realise you are doing one!

I like to be creative in my cardio – for example, I enjoy boxing for a quick and intense cardio workout – yes I know how strenuous it is – but I am concentrating more on punching out all my anger and frustrations!

The harder I work, the better I feel – that is what you want out of a fitness class! There is no reason why we can’t enjoy doing a workout. The harder I worked on the mini-trampoline, the better I was at keeping time to the music and the more fun I was having.

A stress-busting activity

Recently my stress levels have increased and I’ve had a lot on my mind. Doing something to take my mind off of things was genuinely NEEDED. 50 minutes of ‘boogie-ing’ and all my stresses and worries sprung out of me and were replaced with a massive smile on my face, laughter and some much needed headspace.

I definitely left wanting more and would highly recommend having a go at Boogie Bouncing your way to a happier, fitter, healthier version of yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Bryony Page x

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