A couple of weeks ago we at Boogie Bounce received a touching and personal email from a inspirational Boogie Bouncer, Clare. We usually keep stories like this to ourselves, however during these difficult times (especially in the fitness industry) and with Clare’s permission, we thought it would be worth sharing her inspiring story.

Lifelong Battle With Weight

Clare emailed us to let us know “how much boogie bounce has changed my life.

Clare told us that since childhood her weight had always been a problem which she was never able to address as she progressed into her adult life.

Clare says that as time went on the “scales got higher and higher until December 2017 I was at my heaviest of nearly 25 stone

As can often be the case Clare’s relationship with food became a toxic one that she was trapped in and was struggling to break free from.

“Life was tough, I hated myself, the way I looked, hated exercise, and so the vicious circle would start yet again, food was my comfort, and I needed a way out.”

Time For Permanent Change

After being at her heaviest weight in December 2017 Clare new that she needed to make a change for not only her physical wellbeing, but for her mental health too. In January 2018 she attended her first slimming group, and the rest is history…

The Slimming Group was working. “I’d lost nearly 2 stone and was feeling amazing”

Some of the ladies at the Slimming group attended a Boogie Bounce class together and Clare regularly found herself listening into conversations about this bizarre sounding fitness concept.

But being apprehensive about exercise in general, and not having been active in quite some time Clare “sat and listened for a few more weeks before finally plucking up the courage to find out a bit more and contact the local Boogie Bounce instructor”

She couldn’t have chosen a better instructor to call. Sabrina Evans of Sparkle Dance Health Fitness Dorset is fantastic professional and has been a Boogie Bounce Instructor for many years. You can find her class information here –

The Boogie Bounce Ethos

“Feeling so anxious as I had not taken part in any activity for a very long time I turned up not really knowing what to expect, thinking it would be the same as a gym, lots of very fit people in Lycra…. My preconceptions couldn’t have been further away from the truth.”

I was welcomed with open arms everyone spoke to me, made to feel so welcome, had a safety talk about the equipment we would be using, filled out medical questionnaires felt really safe that I was going to be ok.”

This means a great deal to us here at Boogie Bounce. What Clare has explained above is exactly what we strive for. The open arms, the settling of fears and doubts, the community feel. These characteristics and this type of culture is exactly what we look for in Instructors!

Achieving the Ultimate Dream

“That first night at Boogie Bounce was the turning point for me, I left so out of breath but the biggest smile across my face not being able to wait for next week’s session.”

As Clare continued to stick to the commitment she had made to herself, she found she was getting fitter and able to attend more classes each week, things had turned a corner and there was no going back now!

“All the lovely friends I had made were noticing my ever-shrinking body size and were so encouraging, keeping me so motivated to carry on. Today I have achieved the ultimate dream I am 13 stone 7lbs lighter.”

What and incredible achievement.

Looking Forward

And there’s more! Clare says “ I just qualified as a Boogie Bounce Instructor myself.”

That’s right, Clare got the Boogie Bounce bug so bad, she decided to become an Instructor herself. (Now working for Sabrina at Sparkle Dance Health Fitness)

Clare finished her email by saying “Boogie Bounce has literally turned my life around and for that I will be forever grateful…. I can’t wait to spread the froggy love to others and see their faces when they get the same buzz I do every time I step foot on the trampoline”

We are all very proud of what Clare has achieved and it’s fantastic to hear that there are Boogie Bounce Instructors out there who are helping people achieve such wonderful things.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you want to learn more about becoming a Boogie Bounce Instructor, then you can find some further information here. Please fill in our enquiry form and one of our friendly members of staff will provide you with all the information you need.

You can find classes local to you using our Class Finder Tool.

If you would rather Boogie Bounce from home, or Covid-19 is making things difficult, then you can find out more information about our Home Programme here.


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