Megan and Mika jump together with Boogie Bounce!


Megan and Mika jump together with Boogie Bounce!

When we say Boogie Bounce is fun for all the family we mean it! Just take a look at Megan and Mika showing us how it’s done. Thank you for this wonderful video Megan!

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Video transcription:

Hi there, my name is Megan and today I’m going to be talking to you about the Boogie Bounce Elite Trampoline.

So as you can see, I do have the previous one, but when the Elite was released, I just knew I used to have it.

Another few reasons why we decided to give the Elite was basically as you can hear, while Mika is jumping, the springs do make some noise, but it’s not too bad. Whereas when I used to jump on it, it was quite noisy, and obviously we have a newborn in the house so that’s not the best.

Whereas with the Elite, as you can hear, it is virtually silent so that is just awesome.

Another reason that we upgraded is that as you can see, Mika loves to jump too, so now we can jump together.

Another reason was that with the previous version, packing away and storing it was quite easy so that was awesome.

But with the Elite, it has just blown that completely out of the water. It’s made it so much more practical, and it does not make working out a chore.

Another awesome feature that Boogie Bounce offers is this [Boogie Bounce] app. The app is extremely user friendly and it’s so easy to navigate. As you can see workouts go back as far as January 2020.

This is where I do all of my workouts from and another cool feature that I love is right at the bottom you’ll see they even have a kids section so the workouts are more age-appropriate and Mika just loves doing them.

So all I do now is plug my phone into the TV using an HDMI cable and off we go!


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