Sisters-In-Law Both Lose 6 st and Turn Their Love For Bouncing Into New Careers

Meet the sisters-in-law and Boogie Bounce Instructors, Jenni and Sarah. They took their love of rebounding with Boogie Bounce to the next level by starting their own classes, quitting their 9-5 Jobs, and are now reaping the rewards.

Both Jenni and Sarah started attending local classes and instantly fell in love with the high energy and supportive atmosphere that is promoted at all Boogie Bounce classes and locations.

Through a combination of lifestyle changes and Boogie Bounce, both managed to lose 6 stone.

You can watch the full video here.

How Their Journey Began


While Jenni and Sarah began attending classes because they wanted to lose weight and get healthier, they would soon realise that Boogie Bounce offered them an opportunity to continue bouncing on their mini trampolines, but also turn their love for rebounder exercise into a businesses that would offer them independence and allow them to quit their 9-5’s all while doing what they love.

Sarah says “So now I’ve been able to quit my job, now this is my job and it’s so fun and rewarding – it’s the best thing ever and I couldn’t find anything else I’d rather do.” 

Getting Started as Instructors


While they were nervous about taking the leap, they both comment that the instructor training day (which can now be done 100% online) really put their minds at ease, and they left feeling confident that they had all the tools they needed to make a success of their new ventures.

At Boogie Bounce our master trainers and support staff are all fitness instructors themselves – meaning we know how daunting it can be. We are here to help new instructors with everything from GDPR best practice, to booking systems, to advise on filling up places in their classes.

Jenni says “And obsiouly to have the help from HQ as we do. They’re on hand all the time – it’s literally handed to you as a business.”

Jenni also explains that through our finance packages and new instructor deals, she was able to set up her business straight away and pay back her initial investment within two months. From then on she was consistently profitable enough to quit her 9 – 5 job in no time.

Running Boogie Bounce classes doesn’t have to become a full time job however. Many instructors decide to run classes during their spare time to boost their income while getting to enjoy the most fun exercise class ever!

All instructors are given a exclusive postcode area to work within. This means that competition is reduced, their businesses are looked after and our community of instructors is a really positive place to be.

How Are Their Classes Going?


“Absolutely rammed, as always” That’s what we like to hear, Sarah.

There is huge demand for Boogie Bounce across the UK. Because of the beginner friendly nature, hugely positive health benefits, and the family like atmosphere that is part of the Boogie Bounce culture from top down; many people are hooked as soon as they start and never look back.

The list of rebounding benefits with Boogie Bounce is extensive and you can learn more about them here. But here are few of the main ones:

  • Beginner Friendly – Boogie Bounce is incredibly inclusive with virtually no barrier to entry. Instructors are taught to make classes accommodating and accessible.
  • Low-Impact – Rebounding is low-impact and so is accessible to people who may struggle with their knees or hips for example. Sarah says “I’ve got people in my class who have had a hip replacement and are 70 years old and they can do it as well”.
  • Super-Effective – Rebounding is more effective than exercises like jogging for losing weight and cardio-vascular fitness gains. Our range of programmes are also great for building strength.
  • Fun & Unique – Our master trainers create new routines which are expertly choreographed. Clients will be coming back genuinely excited for more of their favourite moves and routines.
  • Top Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices – We want instructors to flourish and be successful and that’s why we equip them with high quality folding rebounders that can be stored easily and relied upon.

What is Their Favourite Part About Being an Instructor


Sarah tells us of how happy it makes her to see her clients make the progress they struggled to before starting to regularly attend Boogie Bounce classes.

Seeing people starting as unsure, nervous, and a little uncoordinated on the rebounder, to a few months later enjoying the higher intensity moves such as split leaps and tuck jumps really gives the ladies a sense that they are helping others achieve their goals and live healthier lives. All this while they get to bounce up and down on a mini trampoline for a living with a wonderful community they have cultivated themselves.

If you would like more information about the process of becoming an instructor yourself, then you can learn more here where you can fill in an enquiry form, or just email us as [email protected]

You can learn more about our rebounders here, whether you are interested in starting classes yourself or rebounding from home.

If you would like to attend a class and experience the atmosphere for yourself, then check out our class finder.

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