From an Inflexible Corporate Job to the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Meet Maxine, a Boogie Bounce instructor who decided to make the switch from an inflexible corporate work environment to one where she sets her own hours, has more time for her family and has achieved an ideal work-life balance – where she gets to bounce on a rebounder, keep fit and be in a better financial position than before.

What prompted the decision to make the transition?


“I was working in quite a corporate environment and after I had my children I got made redundant. I went for another job, and they offered me the position in the interview. The only thing I asked for was to start 15 mins later, and then work 15 mins later. They said no, that’s not at all possible – there was no flexibility.”

Maxine was left a little deflated. She knew finding work would not be a problem for her, but her family commitments posed a serious obstacle. That’s when she came across an advert to become a licensed Boogie Bounce instructor. Maxine realised that being a rebounder fitness instructor could be the answer she was looking for.

You can watch the full video and Maxine in action, here.

What was the process?


“So I was sat there on my laptop and saw an advert for Boogie Bounce and becoming an instructor.”

Maxine contacted the team and began her training. Boogie Bounce offer extensive instructor training that helps budding instructors learn not only all of the practical skills they require to teach classes, but all of the business elements they need to consider.

With the support of the head office team who are all experienced instructors, and a fantastic, supportive network of UK wide instructors always willing to help, Maxine knew she was in good hands.

Maxine says “The rest is history. I’m earning a similar wage to what I would have been if I had taken the job, but I’m not having to pay out for childcare which would have taken up to 50% of my salary.”

Boogie Bounce instructor training can be attended on a physical course date with course work prior to attending, and is now offered 100% online.

Running Boogie Bounce classes doesn’t have to become a full time job however. Many instructors decide to run classes during their spare time to boost their income while getting to enjoy the most fun exercise class ever!

All instructors are given a exclusive postcode area to work within. This means that competition is reduced, their businesses are looked after and our community of instructors is a really positive place to be.

How is life since becoming an instructor?


“So now I’ve got the flexibility to work on my own schedule and do everything around the kids and the school run.”

“I’ve never missed a school play, never missed a parents evening, never missed a sports day, and it all just fits and It just works.”

“I love the fact that Boogie Bounce is my time. It’s my time where I go and meet all kinds of wonderful people. Boogie bounce really embraces the fact that everyone is different shapes and sizes and it’s really great to see that in the class.”

Boogie Bounce is low-impact and extremely effective. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline has significant health benefits, and now Maxine is able to enjoy those benefits herself and pass those same benefits onto her class attendees.

The list of rebounding benefits with Boogie Bounce is extensive and you can learn more about them here. But here are few of the main ones:

  • Beginner Friendly – Boogie Bounce is incredibly inclusive with virtually no barrier to entry. Instructors are taught to make classes accommodating and accessible.
  • Low-Impact – Rebounding is low-impact and so is accessible to people who may struggle with their knees or hips for example. Sarah says “I’ve got people in my class who have had a hip replacement and are 70 years old and they can do it as well”.
  • Super-Effective – Rebounding is more effective than exercises like jogging for losing weight and cardio-vascular fitness gains. Our range of programmes are also great for building strength.
  • Fun & Unique – Our master trainers create new routines which are expertly choreographed. Clients will be coming back genuinely excited for more of their favourite moves and routines.
  • Top Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices – We want instructors to flourish and be successful and that’s why we equip them with high quality folding rebounders that can be stored easily and relied upon.
  • Exclusive Protected Zone – The Boogie Bounce Zoning policy ensures that instructors businesses are looked after, and any unfair competition kept to a minimum.

Maxine finished by saying “It’s my time and it’s the time where I get to shine.”

If you would like more information about the process of becoming an instructor yourself, then you can learn more here where you can fill in an enquiry form, or just email us as [email protected]

You can learn more about our rebounders here, whether you are interested in starting classes yourself or rebounding from home.

If you would like to attend a class and experience the atmosphere for yourself, then check out our class finder.

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