Primary School Students and Teachers Love Boogie Bounce!

Meet these primary school students and teachers who have recently introduced Boogie Bounce to their school – and are LOVING it!


Netherton Primary School recently introduced Boogie Bounce to their students, and they can’t get enough of it!

Boogie Bounce is now included as part of PE classes and after school clubs across the UK, and it is proving an excellent, fun way of getting more students active.

Why Is This Important To US?

One of our core objectives is to help develop a passion for exercise in children from an early age. While many students do enjoy traditional PE activities, Boogie Bounce provides a non-competitive, inclusive and enjoyable exercise session, where children (and adults) get a super-effective workout without even realising they are exercising.

We want children growing up and transitioning into adulthood with a love for physical activity.

What Do They Think?

When these students at Netherton Primary School were asked whether they enjoyed Boogie Bounce and whether it should be a regular part of their curriculum, the answer was a resounding “YESSS!”

PE lead at Netherton, Mell, says “At Netherton we are really keen on offering as many different activities as we can, and getting as many children active as we can. And Boogie Bounce is a really fun way of getting them moving, exercising and out of breathe, without them even realising they’re exercising.”

Mell also explains how the school are planning to run classes out of term time to keep students active during the break – which we think is a brilliant idea.

Why Does It Work?

Boogie Bounce can be run during class time, and also works great as an extracurricular activity. When speaking to other schools across the UK, one thing we are often told is that Boogie Bounce is particularly useful for motivating students who often avoid physical activity. The non-competitive, supportive, and genuinely enjoyable nature of Boogie Bounce means that students do not feel judged or uncomfortable. Watch students and teachers explain this very thing in this video.

Mell also comments on how easy it is to set up and pack away the Boogie Bounce Rebounders. Because they are folding, with a unique and safe mechanism, the rebounders can be assembled and packed away in minutes. Everything goes inside the sturdy carry bag and can be stacked virtually anywhere.

The process of getting started could not be easier. We offer instructor training for teachers, but also offer packages where classes are delivered virtually using the Boogie Bounce App.

We also offer huge discounts for Schools purchasing equipment and you can find out more about all of the packages we offer here.

If you would like more information about the process of introducing Boogie Bounce to your school then you can learn more here where you can fill in an enquiry form, or just email us as [email protected]

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